National Preparedness Month is Here!

National Preparedness Month is here - congratulations!

We made it – National Preparedness Month is here, and we are prepared! If you followed along, congratulations to you too!

Below is a photo of the result of our efforts in our household over the last 20 weeks. As you can see, we ended up buying a regular plastic container I was able to find last week at Meijer for $5 on sale, and then with a 10% discount using mperks, we were able to get it for $4.50. So we were able to fit just about everything in there except of course the water. With eight cases of water, it just isn’t worth it to us to put it in a container. Also I left the garbage bags out since they too are so large.

Preparedness Kit with cases of water and garbage bags

And here’s a closeup of inside the container. It’s mostly food.

Closeup of Preparedness kit

Over the next few weeks of September, we’ll be following the preparedness month information to see if there is anything else we can do. If you have a family or business or if you are working for government and want to share preparedness tips with others, you can find many resources at the National Preparedness Month website:

Below is just one of the many videos available:

As a side note, throughout this series of posts about getting prepared, I may mention certain products, services, agencies, etc. At no time is it my intention to promote a specific product or service or agency. Each is mentioned only for informational purposes.  Of course as a government employee, I do receive a salary from the government for the time I work on my job which by the way is not affiliated with this site, but I don’t receive any compensation from any commercial entities I mention or include in these posts.