Build a Kit – Dust Mask – Week 10

Build a kit - dust mask

We will be adding a dust mask to our preparedness kit this week. Having worked on different types of home improvements over the years, I already knew there were several types of masks available. I’ve used one like the mask in the photo above when I was sanding drywall. But when I was pregnant and painting, I used a different type that was more of a respirator so I could get a better seal and filter out any harmful vapors.

For our kit, I could grab the respirator we already have. But that will only take care of one person, and we have eight of us. So I’m going to buy something simpler than the respirator we already have, but more protective than the mask like the one in the photo. In researching what to get, I found the CDC has a listing of NIOSH-Approved Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators .  These are categorized based on how much and what type of filtering is provided by each. The site also lists certified brands.

After reviewing the different types and seeing what is available to me locally, I am leaning towards buying the 3M N95 Model 8511. But I’m going to wait to make my final selection once I get to the store, because I need to buy the M/L size, and I’m not sure if they will have that model in that size. I also need to buy at least one small size because we have a child.

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