Build a Kit – Buy a Whistle – Week 9


Build a Kit - Buy a Whistle

While initially I thought this would be an easy week since the goal is to buy a whistle, I started realizing, I’m not sure I know where whistles are even sold. Of course to find out I just went to Google and searched. It looks like Walmart sells standard silver whistles like the one shown in the photo. I can buy a group of four of them for only a few dollars.

What I didn’t realize is just how complicated whistles can be. There are many different types of advanced models which of course cost a little more than the standard whistle. As an example, here is a link to a whistle by FutureSteps at Amazon which includes the following features:

  • 105 Decibels
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Low air flow required to activate
  • Can be used to deter coyotes

I guess I never really thought about it before, but having a whistle with me if I am hiking, running, or just off on my own is probably a good idea. We will buy one for the kit, and if I like it, I’m getting another one to just keep with me.

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