Build a Kit – Container – Week 20

Build a Kit - Container - Week 20

This is it – the last week of our preparedness journey. We finally have all our items, and now we need something to put them all in. Because we have such a large number of people in our family, we ended up with eight cases of water and a lot of food in addition to all the other non-perishable items. Other than the water, I have it all on a shelf so probably could get all that in one plastic container. The water will just have to remain out on its own. This week then, when I get to the store, I’m going to pick up a plastic container and see if it all fits!

If anyone else followed along, I hope you made it through finding all that you needed each week. It did take a long time; we’ve been working on this since April. For us, it was definitely worth taking the time because by the end of this week, we will finally have what we need should a disaster happen in our area. It’s already been a lot less stressful for me now when I’m at work, and there is a tornado or storm watch. We make use of the communication plan, and we know anyone at home will have what they need. Going forward, it seems the focus will be on maintaining the supplies in our kit since some family members have already raided it for food and water when we have run out of our regular supply!