Build a Kit – Special Needs – Week 18

Build a Kit Special Needs Week 18

It is week 18, and we are really moving towards the finish line on our kit. Only a couple more weeks after this!

So today we are trying to figure out what else we need in the kit based on some of the needs special to our home. Anyone with small children would definitely want to add something to keep them busy. Putting crayons and coloring books in the kit is an easy add along with some playing cards. If someone has even smaller children, diapers and formula can be necessary items. All of these are low-cost items to pick up at the store so we’ll grab a few next time we are out this week.

I was also thinking traveling any distance with a small child can be difficult. If the child is small enough, you can put them in a child carrier that you wear. But if the child is too big for that, having even something like a low-cost umbrella stroller might be helpful.

Some lists online mention the importance of having a pad of paper and pencil or pen if there is someone in your family who does not speak. I was thinking another useful item to make on the computer might be cards with symbols or common words. That way if a person needs to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language, the cards can be used.