Science Article about Conference in World of Warcraft

Science magazine just released an article about the Science conference that was held in the virtual game World of Warcraft in May of this year. Attracted by the Science content and the virtual format, I signed up for a WoW account and attended for most of the 3-day event. I enjoyed the format of the conference, the networking opportunities, the science-related content, and the feeling of being part of something innovative and progressive.

Having never really had time to participate in the social side of conferences I attend in the real world, I found that I really enjoyed the chance to attend the social events that were held in WoW. The Science guild that we joined when registering for the conference has continued on and recently set up a Web site for its members. This Sunday, the Science guild is hosting another event, and I am definitely planning on being there. If anyone is interested in Science, likes new and innovative experiences, I would encourage you to look up a guild member in WoW and ask to join.