Science Conference to be Held in World of Warcraft

In May of this year the World of Warcraft (WoW) will host its first Scientific Conference. Although I am a frequent visitor to the virtual world of Second Life and have even ventured into a few other virtual worlds, I have yet to visit WoW. However, after hearing about this conference, my curiosity was stirred enough to prompt me to find out more about WoW. So I consulted the only WoW expert I know: my 14-year-old son, known in WoW as Poisen Arrow.
World of Warcraft Screenshot from Conference Web site
After he advised me about which race and which character to choose, he instructed me on how to install the software and sign up for an account. I also found out that I can become an engineer in WoW through an apprenticeship. So if it all works out, I hope to soon become a Blood Elf Paladin with engineering aspirations and begin my journey into WoW so I can try to attend the Scientific Conference from May 9-11.

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  1. Pam, fascinating stuff. Very tempted now. I did read sometime ago of an organisation using WoW as a selection tool for recruiting a team – ie how would a team work together or otherwise within a virtual world. But hosting a conference in WoW – must check out.

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