Infographic of the Month – February 2015 – Running Gear

If you start a running program for your employees, one of the typical questions that eventually comes up is "what do I wear when running?" While we could find many articles written about this topic, we couldn't find a good, comprehensive yet simple graphic that seemed to put it all together. So we created one for our Health Hood program and are highlighting it as this month's featured infographic. If you have your own employee health program feel free to use the image for your own program or grab the embed code below the image to display the infographic on your own website. And keep checking back as we continue to create more resources for employee health and wellness programs – you can also like our newly created Health Hood Facebook Page!

As a side note, there are apps available that you can use to find out what clothing to wear based on the temperature. My favorite one so far has been the "What Should I Wear Running" app by Runner's Ally. You can get the link to either the app on the Android or Apple store at the What Should I Wear Running website. Runner's World also has a form on their website you can fill out to get clothing suggestions based on temperature, precipitation, wind, and several other factors.


Gearing up for the Run Infographic

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