Chicago Map Tour

Over the last few days I have been working on building mobile applications for Android devices as part of the August 3D Game Lab Teacher Camp. It hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be as there are a lot of tutorials out there. There are also some applications that allow you to emulate a device on your computer. My goal is to create a few simple engineering or public works related apps over time. And hopefully by the time the class is over next week, I can offer at least one simple public works app for download. For now, I'll share the most recent app I created in the class using one of the tutorials. It's a simple map tour of the top destinations in Chicago based on the Paris Map tutorial offered by App Inventor by MIT. And it is easy enough to follow that any city could refer to it to create a simple tour of their own community.

Here are the screen shots from my emulator:

Chicago Map Tour Screen Shots


And here is a QR code that will allow you to download the app to your Android device:

QR Code for Chicago Map Tour App Download


If you don't have the ability to scan this, here is the download link:

Chicago Map Tour Android App


And because I could not test this on an actual phone, I'd appreciate any comments or feedback!