Microsoft Tags Go Live

Back in May I was hoping someone would make a business card that could cause a computer device to go directly to a Website. @pbroviak Tweet May 2009While this technology might have been possible back then, it did not seem readily available to a regular person like me. But no more! Microsoft has come to the rescue creating a cool little tag that transmits information, including Website URLs, directly to a mobile device.

So how does this very awesome and incredibly cool Microsoft tag work? Well you merely have to register on their site, create a tag, tell it what you want it to convey, then render an image file. This file can then be placed anywhere it fits (or anywhere you can legally place it). I am going to put some on business cards, but I noticed that even an image of the tag on a computer screen triggers a mobile device into action. Here is the one I made to trigger a visit to my main Website. If you have a mobile device with a camera, go ahead and download the app at, then start up the app, and point your camera at the image below. Then shoot on over to the Microsoft Tag site to make your own! (And a huge thanks to Microsoft!!!)


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  1. Dustin
    I thought of your QR code projects as soon as I saw this. My husband and I were trying to think about how we could apply this technology to construction plans for the city/state. It would be so easy to generate codes and put them on a set of plans. So far we thought of linking to bid tabs with the prices for the job and linking to the spec book and/or contract. We are still mulling it all over though.

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