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Saniblog ImageOver the last few years, I have been on the lookout for blogs and other social media related to the public works industry. Up until lately that trough has been a little dry, but fortunately that seems to finally be changing. As I was working on a presentation I am giving in March in Springfield, Ill., to the joint conference of IWEA and ISAWWA, I went searching as I have so often done for blogs related to water and wastewater and found quite a few. One in particular caught my eye: Saniblog.

Not sure why I haven’t come across it before, as the archive dates back to November 2007, but I know I will be subscribing to the feed now that I have found it. I highly encourage anyone working in the environmental/water/wastewater field to take a trip over to this blog. You will be rewarded with a collection of riveting and highly engaging video related to sanitation.


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  1. Well done with your blog and yes you are correct. The PW industry is perhaps waking up to blogging. I have started one and have linked to yours (I am assuming that is ok). I am slowly learning all of the technical capabilities of the platform I am using (WP) but most importantly I am learning how to be the eyes and ears for the PW community (hopefully) in Ontario. Eventually, this blog will be integrated into our website but for now I am working in the background developing content and skill sets (i.e. I don’t want to present it to our associates quite yet). The current URL is not the final location of the blog. Thanks for the inspiration and particularly the ‘Web 2.0’ blog…lots to learn.

    Our new website at goes live in a few days.

  2. Graham
    Hello! Canada seems to have such a great public works community and strong support for the municipalities and regions. Thanks for linking to my site, and I look forward to the public launch of your blog. Let me know when it is up so I can add it to my blogroll.

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