New Home for the Public Works Group

After operating out of the Crystal Islands group for the last several months, the Public Works Group has finally been able to acquire their own island. This has allowed for a greater expansion of offerings, displays, and provides one area in which the engineering/public works community can interact. While the island is under development, it will be open to the public so please excuse the disarray until it is more complete.

With all this room, there will be the opportunity for the following activities:

Continuing education classes, displays by vendors, renting of buildings by those looking for office space or storefronts or just a place to hang out, public meeting areas, and possibly an area for Second Life tips/help and a sandbox for building practice by those in our group (if there are enough prims left after the island is developed).

Eventually there are plans to build a short scripted tour for visitors that highlights the work done by public works professionals.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts about what activities or builds could better enhance our experience on the public works island, feel free to comment here or e-mail the group at