About Us

We are a team of civil engineers with a combined total of more than 70 years in the public works field. Our experience includes planning, civil design, surveying, construction, land acquisition, operations and maintenance, building inspection, asset management, municipal engineering, budgeting, accessibility, CAD, GIS, emergency response, grants management, and floodplain mapping.

Back in 2007, we set up the Public Works Group to share information, observations, and interesting items related to the public works field. And mixed throughout the traditional issues of sewer backups, ADA compliance, and road construction are posts exploring new technology and how it fits into our field. Most of our content is found on our blog site, but we will be working to add more to this website soon.

We are always interested in hearing new ideas, having guest bloggers who work in the public works field, and partnering with vendors in the industry. Feel free to contact us at civile at publicworksgroup dot com if you want to be a guest blogger or if you are interested in posting an ad. Or just e-mail us to say hi or share your thoughts!