A Day in the Life of an Engineer – Day 18

Day 18

Unfortunately today I don't have much to post because I took part of the day off to take care of things at home. But this morning, before I left work, I did work again on some permits finalizing the utility permits. Also, because of some new information related to the development for which I sent out the review letter yesterday, our staff spent some time today working to take care of and address the related issues.

The other task I primarily worked on this morning was filling in the remainder of the missing information on the grant survey for our DCEO grant. Then I gave it to my supervisor to check.

And we also discussed the schedule and approach for setting up the sealcoating of our parking lot. This is the third weekend we will try to get it done – it rained all the other weekends when they were scheduled to do the work.

One of the things I did at home which is related to work was participate in a conference call with some other great people who work for local government. The folks at GovLoop had arranged the call so we could give feedback on their site. If you work in or for government, it's a great site to join, and I highly recommend clicking over there and checking it out: http://www.govloop.com. As of today, they have about 46,000+ members, most of whom work for government. Not only have I learned a lot by reading the blog posts and comments from people, but I've met a lot of awesome people by interacting on the site. If you do join (it's free to do so!) make sure and add me as a connection! 

Well, anyway, back to a full day tomorrow!