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Advertise with the Public Works Group!

Last year ads on our site were viewed by over 20,000 different people from all over the world. Most ads on our site receive an average of 5,000 to 10,000 clicks a year.

Ad Rates:

The good news for companies and agencies is that there is no ad rate. So if you have a great industry-related product or service and need a place to advertise, we'd love to help you out at no cost to you by throwing your ad up on the Public Works Group site. Now, you're probably asking, "why in the world would a company not charge for ads?" The answer is we just flat out can't accept money because we work for government, and there are strict rules preventing us from accepting payments from anyone or any company doing business with our employer(s). So don't be shy about using this to your advantage, and send us your ad!

Ad Requirements:

Submit a 125 x 125 pixel image in png, gif, or jpg format with the URL you want people to go to when the ad is clicked:


Advertise Today!

To start your ad use the contact form below to send your request with your image, URL, and length of time you wish the ad to be active on the site


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