A Day in the Life of a Civil Engineer – Day 67

Day 67

Culvert Lining Project

I didn't have a chance to go out to the culvert lining project myself today because I had too many other meetings and things to do. But a couple of my staff went out to watch the contractor pour the headwalls. Our concern over this operation has been that the subcontractor chose to completely block the culvert to perform this operation. The project engineer made it very clear to him that he was doing so at his own risk. Today, after the pour, they cut an opening in the form, but from what I was told, it still doesn't open it up to its full capacity. Although there was little threat of a heavy rain last night, a lot more rainfall is predicted for Tuesday, so the contractor needs to get in there immediately in the morning and remove the form and cut out the supports inside the pipe.

Southeast Plan

We've been working with a consultant on a plan of how the area lying south and east of our community will develop. According to boundary agreements with the other cities in this area, the land is anticipated to be annexed to our city. It's somewhat of a challenging location due to some natural topography and roadway and utility connections. So our city chose to undertake an overall planning effort to determine the best development scenario. By doing this, it's easier for developers to more quickly assess any issues that would affect proposed improvements in this area.

So today we met with the consultant to determine the plan's current status and how we want to proceed.

Downtown Planning

I spent the afternoon in another meeting with staff and the consultant who is working on our downtown plan. We explained to him the changes and comments we had on his draft plan.