Standardizing our GIS Data

Years ago when I first started building a GIS for my last employer, the city of LaSalle, it was difficult to locate guidance for standardization of data structures. Fortunately since then several groups, countries, and organizations have been working to develop and publish standards for the industry. ESRI has offered resources on their Website for some time including data models for many datasets. But more recently I have come across several more publications including those shared with me through the GIS, Mapping, and Geo Technology Professionals LinkedIn group. Because I figured many others would be interested, I have listed them below. (If you know of any more feel free to list them in the comment area):


European Commission INSPIRE  Website


Address Data Standard


Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) – UK publication

The National Street Gazetteer Website – UK based

WA-Trans GIS Data Standards – Washington State DOT Publication


The National Land and Property Gazetteer Website – UK-based

Public Safety:

GIS Standard Operating Guidance for Multi-Agency Coordination Centers