Concrete Resources on the Web

Seems like everyone is launching their own TV channel. This week I discovered the Concrete Answers TV Channel on YouTube. The show also has their own website at where you can find all their episodes, a concrete forum, and links to industry resources. Below is a sample of one of their shows in which the host talks about what happens to concrete brought back to the yard (I always wondered what they did with those rejected loads).


You can also keep up with Concrete Answers TV by following them on Twitter or Facebook.


Another resource I stumbled upon this week is CIP-26 – Jobsite Addition of Water, a pdf handout from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. All of you who have inspected concrete projects or placed concrete yourself are familiar with this issue of adding water to the concrete at the site. What I particularly liked about this handout is the graph showing the relationship between slump and strength. As someone suggested on the American Concrete Institute LInkedIn group, this might be a good handout to pass out on the jobsite. I was even thinking it would be a good handout for a pre-con.


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