APWA Goes Social

Many established professional organizations and associations are still trying to figure out social media or worse, have not yet even heard about it. Which can be frustrating for members because social media provides a great way for members to network. And networking is one of the main reasons people join associations. However, members of APWA will find that their organization not only understands social media, but is well on its way to using it for membership engagement and interactions.

Earlier this year, APWA launched a Ning-based network: We Are Public WorksWe Are Public Works Screenshot This network offers not only members, but anyone interested in public works, a place to discuss common issues, share photos and videos, and announce events. Launched earlier this year, the site already has over 700 members.

In addition to the network, APWA has a Twitter account for the APWA Reporter. This account regularly Tweets information from the organization’s publication. The Arizona Chapter has also established an account at http://twitter.com/APWAArizona. Other Twitter accounts related to APWA are: APWASnow and APWACongress

For those of us on Facebook, APWA has set up a Facebook page.

Lean budgets have reduced networking and education opportunities for many of us working in public works. By taking advantage of APWA’s social networks, we can stay connected and find ready access to resources.