Orientation Day on Public Works

With the upcoming Sustainability Now virtual conference, the Public Works Group is offering an Orientation Day on Public Works Island in Second Life on Saturday, June 28, 2008. Seasoned Second Life residents will be on hand to greet you as you enter Second Life.
Orientation Day on Public Works
If you have never been in Second Life, this is a great opportunity to try it out knowing that there will be people there to meet you and help show you the ropes. Because most people have not been exposed to this type of interface, entering Second Life alone with little guidance at the beginning can be challenging. We are hoping to make that transition a little easier by being there to answer questions, give away free stuff you might need for your virtual world, and point you to some interesting places in Second Life that are tasteful and engaging.

By registering through the Public Works Group Web site, you will enter Second Life on Public Works Island instead of through the normal orientation that others go through if registering on Second Life’s site. This way you avoid all the chaos and instead enter Second Life in an area that is more professionally themed.

To allow for visitors from different time zones, a time, yet to be announced, will be set up to meet people from the UK and other European countries during the afternoon. Then those living in the U.S. and other countries in similar time zones such as Canada and Mexico can visit between 1pm and 4pm CST. Unfortunately at this time there will be only English-speaking people available to greet you.


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