Popular Mechanics – Not your father’s magazine anymore

This week I was reading an e-mail with an interesting link that ended up taking me to the Popular Mechanics Magazine Web site. Wow, was I surprised at the content I found there. You have to understand my father was an service manager for an automobile dealer and a loyal subscriber of Popular Mechanics. Therefore, I saw that magazine every month of my life until he passed away a few years back. Occasionally I would read it, but I never really considered it a magazine that was focused on the public works industry.

So, if you visit the site today, you will see why I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole site focused on public works. Because this seemed to be the result of a special report, I don’t think the magazine has decided to shift its focus to public works. But at least the magazine has dedicated a portion of their print space to the coverage of our industry. There are also videos and links to webcasts that were recently held. You can explore the special report yourself at http://www.popularmechanics.com/rebuildingamerica