Avatars for Web sites

Today I was told about a new application (thanks Mal Burns!) that allows someone to establish a tiny avatar, called a weblin, that is displayed on each Web page that is visited. If anyone else with a weblin is visiting that page at the same time, each person can see the others weblin and chat or interact.

It is an easy way to communicate and see who else is on a Web site. I would think this is particularly handy when someone would be visiting a site about a particular topic such as the APWA site. Most visitors to that site would be there because of an interest in public works so there could be a chance to network or meet up with others in the field. Also, if you had a city site, you could keep the site open and interact with visitors. The Web page would serve as a type of Web office.

Anyone can check out the application at www.weblin.com. You have to download the software and then launch it and wait for it to prompt you to register with an e-mail and password. Then you can input this to the weblin site and your avatar should appear from then on when you are surfing the Web. I pasted a photo of my avatar that I named “CivilE” standing on the public works group site.

Weblin Example