More Meetings

Well, we have managed to have a few more Tuesday evening meetings of those interested in engineering and SL. For now, the Tuesday nights at 4pm SLT seems to be working for everyone, and I have set up a meeting area for this purpose in the southwest corner of the sim around elevation 300.

Each meeting brings more good ideas to help develop an engineering community in SL. Last week we discussed settin up a mentoring program. This would involve putting together a booklet or listing of those who are willing to volunteer their time to mentor another in SL. This could be for the purpose of showing someone the ropes in SL or for engineering-related issues or matters in SL or RL. Anyone interested in becoming a mentor in this program, send an IM/Notecard to Jeff Brody – include your SL name and any specific skill areas in SL or RL engineering that you would like to focus on as a mentor. This resource, when finished, will be available in the welcome area that we will set up on the Public Works island.