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 How would you prefer to learn the ADA Toolkit for Local Government?

 How would you prefer to learn the ADA Toolkit for Local Government?

Free Public Works Twitter Headers

Twitter recently added the ability to upload a header image to your Twitter account. This header shows up at the top of your Twitter profile with your Twitter picture and information. And because everyone likes cool public works related headers, the Public Works Group figured we'd offer some free headers for your use.  Below are thumbnails of each header. Just click them to get the larger image. Then right click on the larger image and save the header to your computer.

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Adding Headers to Your Twitter Profile

To change out your header on Twitter, go to "Settings" then "Design." Scroll down to "Change Header" and click that. A drop down box will come up. Click the option that says, "Choose Existing Image." Go to where you stored the header on your computer and choose that file. A window will eventually pop up with this image displayed. Most of the files provided are 800 x 600 pixels so you can move them up or down in the window to display the portion you prefer. Then hit "Save," and Twitter will place this image as your header.

PWG Twitter Header Roller

PWG Twitter Header Golden Gate

PWG Twitter Header Road

PWG Twitter Header PVC Pipe

PWG Twitter Header Manhole

PWG Twitter Header Decoration

PWG Twitter Header Plum Tree

PWG Twitter Header Lake Michigan

PWG Twitter Header Chicago Bean

PWG Twitter Header Buckingham Fountain

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