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The Public Works Group is an online resource providing information and networking opportunities for people working in the public works field. The group also offers resources and guidance on the use of online tools and virtual worlds and how the public works field can leverage these tools.

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 How would you prefer to learn the ADA Toolkit for Local Government?

 How would you prefer to learn the ADA Toolkit for Local Government?

Check Out the Military's Social Media Guidance Docs!

The U.S. military has been proactive and on the front line in leveraging social media and other online technologies. In August 2011, the Army released version two of their United States Army Social Media Handbook (you can read the book in the embedded frame below or follow the link to download it from And more recently, the Marines published an online handbook of social media principles: The Social Corps. Each publication provides a great model for other agencies working on providing guidance for their own employees. So far, on Slideshare, the Army's document has received almost 93,000 views and 4,700 downloads.


Army Social Media Handbook 2011
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