Our Story:

The public works group was started in early 2007 for several reasons. In late 2006 we started realizing online tools and technology in our field had advanced significantly. And we knew this was only the beginning - today we face continued and rapid change while still trying to catch up with an aging infrastructure. 
So we wanted to find a way to explore these tools and help ourselves and others keep up with the changes. And we wanted to figure out how all of this fits into everything else we do. By creating the Public Works Group and offering online resources, we were able to begin documenting what we found and offer this information to others in our field. 


Today people in public works face continuous and rapid change in technologies while still trying to address an aging infrastructure.

In just the span of a few years we've seen the introduction of social media, drones, autonomous vehicles, 3D visualizations, and virtual reality into our work. The Public Works Group is focused on exploring and promoting emerging technologies to help all of us make sense of how they fit into our scope of work.

About Us

We are engineers who have worked in the public works industry for a combination of roughly 65 years.


Some of those years have been in the private sector, but most have been in public service. We started in the days of drafting tables, Leroy sets, and mylar and over the years managed to learn and integrate new technologies and innovation. Along the way we recognized teaching and mentorship are essential to ensure the strength and growth of our profession. So in 2007 we started the Public Works Group to offer our own support of knowledge in the industry.


Online technologies help support a community of professionals.


Online spaces offer a great way to find and learn about others involved in public works. This includes public employees, professional organizations, educators, contractors, consultants, vendors, and future public works professionals. The public can also learn from and engage with this community to better understand how public works supports them on a daily basis.

Why we what we do

It simply comes down to making our world a better place.


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