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  1. To anyone out there, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to best deal with the following issue – I have been unsuccessful in obtaining assistance from the city in dealing with the odor of sewage.

    There is a city sewage mainline that runs underneath my property that extends back through a creek bed behind my property. The mainline sits on the creekbed, however is encased in concrete. There is breakage in the concrete encasement where the pipe is exposed and it is from these areas (cavities) that the unpleasant odor is coming from.  It carries up into my backyard which keeps as from spending time out there as well as from having guests over.

    I have called the city many times over the years and all they do is flush out the lines which never helps because that is not the source. I always point out the area of concern to the guys that come out (they see what I'm talking about and acknowledge that they can also easily smell the sewage however they don't see any indication of a break). I'm always informed that they will but in a work order and / or advise their supervisors and / or engineers to look into the matter. There is never any follow-up or action. I took the matter up with the head-of sewage a couple of years back who indicated that he had someone walk the creek and they saw and smelled nothing and what I'm smelling is stagnant creekwater. Believe me – I know the smell of sewage and there was no creekwater to smell (the creek was dry). I recently raised the issue with my city councilman and copied the mayor. I have told them of my story and have invited them to come see & smell what I'm talking about. My council told me that the matter has been solved: they cleaned the lines; sealed some manholes and I'm smelling stangnant creekwater but fails to acknowlege / address the source of the smell which is the broken encasement that surrounds the mainline.

    Believe me – I'm not a nutcase.

    Would greatly appreciate any thoughts / advice / suggestions on how to best deal with this from anyone knowledgable with municpal sewage systems out there.

    Thank you



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