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The Public Works Group is an online resource providing information and networking opportunities for people working in the public works field. The group also offers resources and guidance on the use of online tools and virtual worlds and how the public works field can leverage these tools.

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 How would you prefer to learn the ADA Toolkit for Local Government?

 How would you prefer to learn the ADA Toolkit for Local Government?

Advertising Opportunity

If you have watched as other industries embrace marketing on social networks and on other Web 2.0 online spaces and wondered if this could help your company in reaching out to your customers in public works, then the Public Works Group Website can help you.

The public works industry is well-established and conservative, sometimes slow to change, but as more people turn to this newer technology, they will expect our industry to be there too. Yet investing in new marketing methods can be risky for a company, particularly with current economic conditions.

So Public Works Group is offering companies that supply or manufacture products for the public works industry an introductory free trial. Your ad will be placed in one of the ad boxes on the Public Works Group Blog site for a limited time at no cost giving you the opportunity to explore this method of marketing as an option for your company.

If you are interested in placing an ad, simply send your ad in the following format to the e-mail address indicated below. The ad will be uploaded to the site, and we will remain in contact with you to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Size: 125 pixels x 125 pixels
Resolution: Min. 72 pixels per inch
Content: Must advertise a product related to public works
Link: Indicate the URL to which the image links



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You can also sign up to be an advertiser on LinkShare. This allows you to offer advertising for your company on blogs and Websites visited by your potential customers. If you are a blogger or manage your own site, you can also click the link below to join LinkShare and host banners on your own site. (The Public Works Group Website is registered with LinkShare and available to host banners related to the public works market.)

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